Saturday, September 18, 2010

Princess Lover! OVA 01

I've never watched Princess Lover! anime but decided to pick up the OVA because of Kazuya Kuroda... The cast looks totally different and we couldn't even see the protagonist's face this time... The OVA only focuses on female character, Sylvie van Hossen, and consists of 3 h scenes.

Scene #1: Squirting. Sylvie recalls her first sex with protagonist last night and they continue their unfinished business in the bathroom later on.

Scene #2: 2P+Cosplay+BJ+Titty fuck

Yuu Fujikura merely has a shot in this OVA...

Scene #3: 2P. Sylvie's flashback of her first sex.

Comments: It seems like the second part of the OVA is about Sylvie again... I guess everybody loves Saber...

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